In her livejournal reaction to the 29 April, 2003 Smallville ep, Becky wrote: "Chloe remains the cutest girl ever, and, for good or ill, it looks like she may be getting a story line before the end of the season." And, well...the potential story line did involve Lionel, after all, and I thought, "Poor Martha. She'll be so jealous," and so...okay, I am *so* apologizing for what follows; I must have lost my mind.

Entry Level Position
by Beth H.
(c) April 2003


Martha's eyes widened as she took in the sight before her.

She'd grown accustomed to business meetings with Lionel taking place in his bedroom. He'd explained to her that it was simply the most comfortable room in which to work, and Martha understood that. In her home, the most comfortable room was the kitchen, but she'd seen the Luthor's kitchen. Every modern convenience, of course, but no breakfast table and chairs. Who could work in that kind of environment?

However, this was the first time Martha had gone into Lionel's bedroom to find a scantily-clad young woman sprawled on top of his silk sheets.

"Is, Chloe?"

The young blonde rolled over and opened her eyes wide. "Mrs. Kent! What are you doing here?"

"I believed I was here to assist Mr. Luthor with an interview he'd set up for some young...Chloe Sullivan, what would your father say?"

Chloe sat up in bed, pulling the sheets around her. She looked worried. "It's not how it looks, Mrs. Kent. Mr. Luthor told me that there might be a position open...."

"I can just imagine what position," Martha muttered, shaking her head.

" an investigative reporter with the Daily Planet if I demonstrated an ability to work under the covers."

"Ah, I see you're both here," said Lionel Luthor from the open doorway. "Excellent. And Miss Sullivan? That was undercover, not "under the covers."

Chloe frowned and pulled a tiny notebook out from a tiny pocket sewn into her teddy. "I'm sure I heard it correctly, Mr. Luthor. It says right here...."

"Never mind," Lionel mumbled, looking anywhere but at the now-glaring face of Martha Kent. "Understandable mistake. So, ladies...perhaps we could begin?"

Martha frowned. "Lionel, are you sure you...."

Lionel shook his head. "Oh come on, Martha. Don't tell me you forgot everything you learned in Metropolis!"


(At which point the story comes to a screeching halt. There was more, but once Lionel dropped to his knees and the dog collar and the leash appeared, well...I knew I'd lost my mind, and I thought I'd spare you at least *some* of this. *g*)


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