Another snippet in the You-Know-Who series.

Would Blair cut his hair? *Should* Blair cut his hair? Who cares, you ask? A surprisingly large number of people on Prospect-L did, as it turns out. Here's one way to deal with the Rapunzel-like flowing locks of Blair Sandburg.


Long-hair Hell
by Beth H
(c) August 2000

"What the hell is that thing doing here, Sandburg? You know I can't stand slime all over my clean floors."

"I'm sorry, Jim," Blair said, "But it was all I could think of. It's grown another 15 inches since you went to work this morning, and even the emergency hacksaw isn't working anymore."

"Fine, fine," sighed Jim, "but I don't want to see this place turning into some sort of homeless shelter for...whatever that is."

And from a darkened corner of the room, the Giant Squid took a pause from its munching of Blair Sandburg's rapidly-growing, floor-length hair to let out one satisfied belch.


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