So there was this conversation on dS_Asylum about Diefenbaker.

(poster A)
> > >He would have to get Dief examined by a Vet and have
> > >papers that the wolf/dog was healthy and had his shots,
> > >especially rabbi shots up to date.

(poster B)
> > "Rabbi shots?" I didn't realize Dief was Jewish.
> > It's a Mitzvah!

(poster C)
> Diefenbaker's bris. A scene Norman Rockwell forgot to
> paint.

To which my response was this (...which was written with the full understanding that neither dogs nor wolves - even one so human as Dief - could ever convert to Judaism. Just in case you were wondering.


Dief's Bris
by Beth H
(c) May 2001


"Are you sure this is necessary, Ray?" Fraser asked with a frown.

"Hey, it's your wolf, Frase. You tell me he wants to convert to Judaism, I gotta help out. We're all packmates, you know?"

"Well...certainly, Ray. And I'm pleased, on Diefenbaker's behalf as well as my own, that you've taken such an interest in his wishes, but . . . ."

"Fraser, were you or were you not born in a barn?"

"Well, yes, you know I was born in a . . . ."

"Right. Not exactly the epicenter of Talmudic studies. Are you trying to tell me that you know anything about this subject, Fraser? 'Cause if you are, I can dig out some pretty convincing evidence to the contrary." Ray grinned wickedly and reached down between Fraser's legs.

Fraser grabbed at Ray's wrist and hissed, "Not now, Ray!"

Ray let his hand fall back to his side, but the grin remained. "I'll take that as an acknowledgement of my superior knowledge in this area."

"Superior knowledge of Jewish rituals?"

"Yeah, that . . . and of getting Mounties all hot and bothered in public."

If Fraser had been considering a reply, it was lost as Diefenbaker rushed through the crowd of assembled guests, jumped out the open window, and ran down the fire escape.

An apologetic-looking mohel approached the pair. "Perhaps nobody brought up all the ramifications of this conversion with your wolf, Constable."

"Heh," laughed Ray, "Second thoughts about going under the knife?"

"Not precisely," replied the mohel. "He seemed quite accepting of the procedure itself. However, I happened to mention that pepperoni pizza wasn't kosher, and . . . well . . . as you saw, that's when he ran for it."

"Ah," said Fraser. "Understood."


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