This page began life as a simple - if silly - challenge in my livejournal to see who could come up with the strangest and/or funniest AU premise (in any fandom) based on a movie. In the end, I decided the entries had to be saved for posterity.

You'll notice a couple of things straight away.

First, there's an overabundance of film-based AU premises from Due South. However, considering I set this challenge up to entertain myself...well, it seems fair to me. Second, the entries get much more detailed and intricate as they go along. What can I say? Everybody started getting all serious and competitive and stuff. And finally, you'll see that a number of entries didn't follow the rules. But you know what? Who cares. Rules? Hah! We laugh at rules!

So with no further ado...

      Ardent (Due South) Guys and Dolls

      Blorky (Lord of the Rings) "Crossed with every sitcom known to man"

      Bonibaru (Harry Potter) Casablanca

      Devon and Blorky (Lord of the Rings) Traditional Hollywood blockbuster-style

      Fox (Harry Potter) Star Wars

      George H. (The Beatles) Lord of the Rings

      Kit Mason (Due South) Becket and The Lion in Winter

      Meghan Black (Due South) The Thin Man

      pablohoney, aka Sarah (The Faculty) When Harry Met Sally

      Pollitt (Due South) Say Anything

      schaden_freude and rontgenkatze (X-Files) Rear Window

      Speranza (Due South) The Bells of St. Mary's

      Starfish (Due South) Donavan's Reef

      Stormy (Oz) Courtship of Eddie's Father (songvid premise)

      Thermidor (Due South) Grease

      Trixie (*nsync) The Philadelphia Story

      yeungmaisu (Due South) Bringing Up Baby


1. Speranza

The Bells of St. Mary's (Due South)

Okay, so Sister Benton, who runs the under-resourced St. Mary's School with a gentle but firmly disciplined hand, meets the free spirited Father Ray O'Kowalski, who gives the kids the day off and encourages the boys to fight... See Sister Benton try to teach young Master Whatsisbucket to box ! See Welsh in a habit! Despite all the UST, their love can never beeeeee...

(Running away now)

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2. Bonibaru

Casablanca (Harry Potter)

Mine's already half done, so it's cheating: Harry Potter and Sirius Black run a post-War casino/resort/hotel in the countryside outside of London. A mysterious woman arrives with a mysterious parcel she gives Harry to keep for her ... then a mysterious pair of buyers comes along, one has a painful romantic history with Harry and one with Sirius, and his best friend - now Chief Auror - is hot on all of their trails. Harry plays chess with himself and someone gets kidnapped. There may even be a love story or two in there somewhere.

It's HP-meets-Casablanca, and it's called You Must Remember This, and I'll have a chapter or two posted by the 11th :)

So nobody steal it! LOL

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3. Kit Mason

Becket and The Lion in Winter (Due South)

All right, a truly twisted AU. "Becket", with Benton Fraser as the carousing Henry and Ray Kowalski as the formerly carousing Henry II. Which then segues into a broken-proscenium version of "The Lion In Winter," with Fraser as Henry, Victoria as Eleanor, Welsh as Richard, Huey as Geoffrey, Dewey as Johnny Lackland, Frannie as Alois, and Ray Kowalski as the poor director tearing his hear out to try to get this mess to work...

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4. Starfish

Donovan's Reef (Due South)

Get Out of my Head! Out, do you hear me?

Seriously, I was watching "Donovan's Reef" t'other night and thinking so Fraser goes looking for his father, who's become the pivot-point of a whole community. Said father ducks out, leaving his trusted friend Ray Kowalski to try to explain to poor Benton why his dad never came home ... There'd be kids!! And wacky antics!!

And then I came to my senses and reminded myself that I already have too many stories, and this would be way too much work ...

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5. Meghan Black

The Thin Man (Due South)

The Thin Man - Fraser, of course, is Nick Charles and Rayk is Nora...or Norman? Dief as Asta. *snerk* And hey, all of you who ever wanted to see Fraser take a drink...well, it just wouldn't be The Thin Man without a wetbar.

"I was shot twice according to the Tribune." Ray reads.
"I read you were shot five times in the tabloids." Ben replies.
"That's not true! He didn't come near my tabloids."

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6. schaden_freude and rontgenkatze

Rear Window (X-Files)

Mopping sweat from his brow, the injured man awkwardly manipulated the wheelchair away from the picture window to cross the narrow confines of his apartment. "I'll swear on whatever you hold sacred, Scully. I saw him with my own eyes!"

"Oh, I'm sure you did, Mulder. I'm positive that what you saw had absolutely nothing to do with the massive amounts of narcotics you've ingested over the last two weeks, either." Offering her questionably delusional partner a sympathetic smile, Dana Scully perched on the edge of the worn sofa. "Come on, Mulder. You don't honestly believe you watched the Alien Bounty Hunter murder a man and bury his remains in that courtyard?" She shook her head, "You live right in the middle of apartment row. Alien or not, he'd have to assume there might be witnesses." Staring at her partner in amazement, "For God's sake, Mulder. Now you've got me doing it, too!"

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7. Trixie

The Jackson Story, formerly known as The Philadelphia Story (*nsync)

The story centers around Lance (Tracy), who's heir to a Southern plantation. He used to be involved with CK, ahem Chris Kirkpatrick, but he threw him out. Now he's involved with Joey, who's a perfectly stable fellow, and quite a responsible up and comer. Enter JC and Justin, who are posing as distant cousins, but are really tabloid reporters there to get the scoop on the Bass family. Over the course of the weekend, Lance manages to juggle CK, Joey, *and* JC. Etc., etc., etc.

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8. Thermidor

Grease (Due South)

High school senior Benton Fraser has to move to Chicago to live with his grandparents. He met an American boy on vacation last summer ("Summer Nights") but doesn't know where he lives. Benton is shy and doesn't fit in with the popular guys, a gang called "the Iguanas".

One of the Iguanas, Kowalski, is dating Pink Lady Stella, but their relationship is fading as she prefers Iguana Vecchio. ("Hopelessly Devoted to You") Meanwhile, Kowalski is restoring his old car so he can race it against the rival gang led by a bad kid named Warfield. ("Greased Lightning") Shy Benton ("Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee") starts to fall for Kowalski but things don't run smoothly. ("Stranded at the Drive In")At the school dance, Kowalski is partnered in the dance contest with a wild brunette named Victoria from the Catholic school. ("Hand Jive")

Eventually, Kowalski and Benton oversome their differences and ride off into the sunset. ("You're the One that I Want")

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9. Pollitt

Say Anything (Due South)

(thanks to for the some of the quotes, the other ones... let's just say I've seen this movie a few times. It's *Cusack*, man.)

Handsome and seemingly unattainable genius/class valedictorian Benton Fraser has been loved from afar by Ray Kowalski, an optimistic, loving/lovable boxer who doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. Kowalski surprises everyone, especially himself, when he asks Fraser out and the answer is yes. Fraser, who always felt like an outsider at school because of his intelligence and politeness, begins to feel like he just might fit in. His overprotective dad, Bob (okay, this is the flimsy spot, I was thinking Thatcher could go here, but I'm not sure. And I don't believe that neither Thatcher nor Fraser, Sr. would be stealing money) always taught Ben he was better than everyone else, fallibility wasn't much of an option and Bob's rather unbalanced by Ray. As they spend time together, be anti-social together (including Ray teaching Fraser how to drive a stick shift. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! :-) their friends-with-potential status grows into falling in love. Ray feels important and Fraser realizes he doesn't need to impress everyone all the time. That he can be loved just by being himself.

Always the looming overhead, however, is the fact that Ben is going to Canada at the end of the summer. What will Ray do? Will Ben decide not to go?

Other key players:

-> Welsh -- the counselor who always believed Ray has the potential to be something, he just needs Ray to decide what to put on his career card.
-> Frannie - One of Ray's best friends, the romantic.
-> Stella - Ray's other best friend, a former girlfriend and still hurting after her unfortunate love affair with Vecchio, for whom she still pines and writes bitter songs about.
-> Vecchio - In college and playing with Stella's heart/head. The object of her 65 songs.

Classic moments:

-> The graduation party. Turnbull in a chicken suit. 'Nuff said.
-> Bob and Ben Fraser standing at the window together, watching Ray walk down the street, a smile on his face, after he dropped Ben off at his house the morning after their first 'date' (the graduation party). Fraser, Sr. comments that Ray seems like a good kid, if a bit of a freak. Fraser, Jr. smiles and agrees.
-> Fraser showing Ray around his room, explaining how he used to mark off words in the OED that he didn't know so that he could learn them.
-> The kiss in the rain.
->The first time in the back seat of the GTO.
-> Ray sitting in his GTO outside Fraser's window. The infamous holding a boombox over his head, playing their song (I don't dare say it's "Northwest Passage" or "Barrett's Privateers" ;-) More like Live's "Dance With You" or even Toby Keith's "Just Wanted You to Know"... I'm improvising here, so I can't think of the perfect song yet ;-)
-> Final scene, Fraser (who hates to fly) and Ray seated next to one another on the plane to Canada, holding hands and Fraser's head on Ray's shoulder.

Memorable quotes:

Ray (thinking he and Fraser and done for good): "He's gone. I gave him my heart, he gave me a ...(looks at the whalebone sextant) I have no idea what the hell this is."

Ray: One question: do you need someone or do you need me? - I don't care.
Fraser: I need you.

Fraser: Nobody thinks it will work, do they?
Ray: No. You just described every great success story.

Stella: Benton Fraser doesn't go out with guys like you. He's a brain!
Frannie: Trapped in the body of a Greek statue come to life.

Fraser, Sr.: You're not a permanent part of his life. You're a distraction.
Ray: I'm the distraction that's going with him to Canada, sir. [... in response to what he wants to do with his life] What I really want to do with my life - what I want to do for a living - is I want to be with your son. I'm good at it.

Fraser: I have this theory of convergence, that good things always happen with bad things. I know you have to deal with them at the same time, but I just don't know why they have to happen at the same time. I just wish I could work out some schedule. Am I just babbling? Do you know what I mean?
Ray: No.

Ray: I'm gonna take Benton Fraser out again.
Stella: Well that's unlikely.
Ray: Is the movies a good second date, you know? As a date?
Stella: Well you never had a first date.
Ray: Yes we did. I sat across from him at a mall. We ate together. We ate. That's eating. Sharing an important physical event.
Stella: That's not even a scam.
Ray: What's a scam?
Stella: Going out as friends.
Frannie: No its not. Scam is lusting.

Stella: Did you sleep with him?
Ray: I admit nothing.
Frannie: Ray, it's us.
Stella: Look at his face! He did the deed.
Frannie: You're an inspiration, Ray. You should go on the 700 Club or something.

Fraser: Nobody knew me before tonight.
Ray: They knew of you. Now they know you.

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10. pablohoney

When Harry met Sally (The Faculty)

When Casey met Zeke - a parody by Sarah

Cast list

Zeke = Harry
Casey = Sally
Stokely = Marie
Stan = Jess

When Casey met Zeke, Zeke threw him into the flagpole. It wasn't long after that they were forced together through circumstances not really all that uncommon. (Aliens took over their school.) While driving in the car to kill the Queen Bee, Zeke proclaimed his love for Casablanca. Casey jumped in on this. They argued all the way to the school over whom they'd rather be with: Victor Lazlo or the other guy.

After killing the alien and restoring the peace, they didn't see much of one another. Five years later they met as Casey was seeing his boyfriend off at the airport, all dreamy and starry eyed.

Zeke wouldn't leave him alone on the plane. Egotistically accusing Casey of wanting him during their lone day spent together so many years ago. Casey managed to lose Zeke after they landed but it wouldn't be the last of their meetings, oh no. They met once again six years after the second time they met which was five years after the first time. Er. Yes, that's right. This time they'd both recently gotten out of their relationships. Zeke took Casey to lunch and they talked and walked and started to become friends. But, like any good clich?, they couldn't leave it at that. Zeke began to want Casey. Began dreaming of him at night, hot dreams of passionate sex as Olympic judges graded them on technique. (Zeke is happy to announce they got perfect 10's. And his mother did *not* make an appearance.)

Casey had the same dreams, except they only consisted of Zeke ripping off his clothes.

So, they pined, they dated other people, and when they finally sleep together, long kisses and whispered moans as they thrust against one another, Zeke, being the typical male of the two, hurried out the door the next morning, leaving Casey with a sheet around his body, looking very much like a disheveled virgin.

At the wedding of their best friends, Stan and Stokely, Casey slapped Zeke after Zeke inadvertently called Casey a dog.

They stopped speaking after that, even though Zeke left very embarrassing messages on Casey's answering machine.

On New Year's Eve, Zeke had an epiphany; he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Casey. He ran all through the streets of New York and found his love at a dance only a few seconds before ball dropped. Professing his love like someone in a classic romantic comedy, Casey fell into his arms, as they kissed deeply.

Six months later they had a commitment ceremony.

And that is the story of how Casey met Zeke.

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11. Fox

Star Wars (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter as Luke Skywalker, the orphaned child who is destined to save the world but for the first several years of his life has no inkling of his true potential.

Vernon Dursley as Owen Lars, the uncle who wants no part of the boy's special powers, but only in whose care the boy is safe from The Forces of Evil.

Rubeus Hagrid as Ben Kenobi, who'd like to teach the boy what he knows but isn't quite equal to the task, and therefore arranges for him to be trained by the best minds in the business.

Albus Dumbledore as Yoda, universally acknowledged to be the above-mentioned best mind in the business, adored by Our Hero in spite (or perhaps because) of his odd teaching methods and occasional flights of fancy.

Hermione Granger as Leia Organa, raised in a family of normals and unaware of her special powers until approximately the same time as Our Hero becomes aware of his, and without whose extremely capable assistance he could never fulfill his destiny.

Ron Weasley as Han Solo, who has an initially antagonistic and (come on, you know it's coming) later romantic relationship with The Girl, and who is always a little frustrated that Our Hero is, well, the hero, but without whom The Good Guys would have been stymied long ago.

Hedwig the Owl as R2-D2, Our Hero's non-verbal but remarkably communicative anthropomorphic companion.

Nearly-Headless Nick as C-3PO, the accident-prone comic relief.

Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood as Red Squadron, Our Hero's fellow flying aces.

Marcus Flint and the rest of the Slytherin quidditch team as TIE fighter pilots, their opponents in the air.

Molly and Arthur Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, etc. as the Rebel Alliance, who have been quietly resisting The Forces of Evil and are now preparing to bring the fight into the open.

Peter Pettigrew, Lucius Malfoy, Prof. Quirrell, and that crowd as the Galactic Empire, who wish to pave the way for (and curry favor with) The Forces of Evil.

Tom Riddle as Darth Vader -- they're even both called the Dark Lord.


i would never even have thought of this in the first place if it hadn't been for padawanhilary's request that someone write an AU-type thing with young Obi-Wan Kenobi as Harry and Qui-Gon Jinn as Dumbledore; i saw that challenge and raised it, although i changed the generation. i'll never write it, of course, but casting it was (and has been) fun. :-D

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12. yeungmaisu

Bringing Up Baby, aka "Bringing Up Dief" (Due South)

Now, I can think of three possibilities offhand, but the one I'll go with is Bringing Up Dief: a zany, madcap comedy featuring that bumbling but brilliant paleontologist, Benton Fraser and the man of his dreams, Ray Kowalski, an aggressive, gloriously emotional society heir, as well as Ray's pet wolf. :) Basically, the story would have as its focus, Fraser's lonely, sterile existence, shared only by his fellow coworker and lover, Raymond Vecchio (a very talented scientist in his own right though simply the wrong partner for our hero). However, with the meeting of Ray Kowalski, lunacy and love go hand and hand while science gives way to the sorcery of the human heart.

Sample dialog.

Ray: Do you know why you're following me? You're a fixation.
Fraser: I'm not following you. I've been sitting here. I haven't moved from this spot. Now please, you're following me.
Ray: I think you have that backwards, friend. Who's always behind whom?
Fraser: Now look, young man. I haven't been behind anything but what they call the, uh, uh eight-ball. I haven't been all day.
Ray: You're angry, aren't you?
Fraser: Yes I am.
Ray: Um, hmm. 'The love impulse in men frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict.'

Fraser: Out of all the people in Chicago, why did I have to run into you yesterday?
Ray: What have I done?
Fraser: Ray, Mr. Welsh is going to give away a million dollars...I wanted it for the museum.
Ray: Fraser, well, I'm afraid that you haven't made the best impression on Uncle Harding.
Fraser: I quite realize that...there's only one thing to be done and this is important to me and to my work...
Ray: (smiling) You know, you really are attractive.
Fraser: ...I've made a horrible mess of things, and your Uncle must never find out who I am...You can tell him that I'm a friend of Mark's, that I have a hole in my bag of marbles, but don't ever tell him my name is Benton Fraser. Now can you remember all that, Ray?
Ray: Yes, Fraser.
Fraser: You're sure?
Ray: Yes, Fraser. But you are very attractive.
Fraser: Oh, never mind, Ray, never mind. (turning to leave)
Ray: (following after him) What did I say? What did I say? What did I do? What did I say? What did I say? What did I do, Fraser?

Fraser: (during their final embrace and kiss) Oh, dear. Oh, my. Hmmm.

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13. George H.

Lord of the Rings (starring the Beatles!)

George Harrison as Frodo Baggins, the quite, withdrawn one. The most slight of the hobbits, and most withdrawn. Although he has many friends, he seems to be off in his own world sometimes.

Ringo Starr as Samwise Gamgee, the odd one out. He seems to lack the finness and good looks of his companions, but his stoutheartedness, and fine abilities with his hands earn him a trusted place at their side.

John Lennon as Merry Brandybuck, the slightly michevous one, he is very clever and goofy, getting into trouble, and getting out of it just as quick. Although he may seem immature, he's got a strong heart, fights for what he believes in, and always proves his worth in the end.

Paul McCartney as Pippin Took, the cute one, with the irresistable face. He follows Merry all over the place, getting into, and causing trouble on his own as well. He makes up the other half of Merry, and they wouldn't be as great as they are without the other.

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14. Devon and Blorky

Lord of the Rings, traditional Hollywood blockbuster-style

Keanu Reeves as Frodo
Alex Winter as Sam
Rosencranz & Guildenstern as Merry & Pippen (just lift them up as whole characters and drop them into the narrative)
Chris Rock as Borimir
John Cusak as Aragorn
Edward Norton as Legolas
Joe Pesci as Gimli
Robert DeNiro as Elrond
Meg Ryan as Galadriel
Dustin Hoffman (in Rainman) as Gollum "Definitely an excellent ring."
Robin Williams as Bilbo
Don Rickles as Theoden *all of the makeup work would come from after he's freed from the spell.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Grima Wormtongue "I'll be back."
John Leguzamo as Saruman
Lawrence Fishburne as Faramir
Christopher Walken as the Head Uruk-Hai Janeanne Garofolo as Arwyn

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Lord of the Rings, crossed with every sitcom known to mankind

Network television, attempting to capitalize on the popularity of Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" has put the following shows on next year's schedule:

"Boromir to Tears" - Frodo and Boromir are roommates in this new CBS show. In the pilot episode, Boromir and Frodo argue about who will get the last hot dog in the fridge. Boromir falls, slain by many arrows. Their wacky next door neighbor, Aragorn, shows up. Goblin hijinks ensue.

"Tree's a Crowd" - Gimli now lives at Lothlorien with Legolas, but has to pretend that he's an Elf to stay on the lease.

"Everybody Loves Ringwraiths" - possible "Cops" - style reality show. Details unavailable at press time.

"Balrog and Britney" - MTV game show where the hosts let aspiring pop stars compete for fame and prizes. Losers are cast down into Mines of Moria.

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16. Ardent

Guys and Dolls (Due South)

"Guys and uh, Guys"

Brother BENTON FRASER of the Save-a-Soul mission is in deep despair because, despite the depravity of his Chicago neighborhood, the mission has failed to bring in a single sinner. He, his associate Brother RENFIELD TURNBULL, and mission dog Brother DIEF know that they need to show some results in order to keep their superior, General THATCHER, from closing down the mission when she comes to the midnight prayer meeting in two days.

Fraser is startled when gambler SKY KOWALSKI enters the mission. Kowalski ("I go by Ray") offers Fraser a deal -- if Fraser will have dinner with him tomorrow night, Kowalski will supply him with one dozen genuine sinners for the prayer meeting. Reluctantly, Fraser agrees.

The two of them chat about love and relationships. Fraser claims he'll know instantly ("I'll Know When My Love Comes Along") by her strong moral fiber, her green eyes, her curly raven hair, her fondness for shiny things and her love of driving, while Kowalski says he'll leave his fate up to luck and chemistry. Before he leaves, Kowalski pulls Fraser into his arms and kisses him. Fraser slaps him, but needs Kowalski's help too much to cancel their deal. He's also starting to wonder about that whole 100 percent heterosexual thing.

Unbeknownst to Fraser, Kowalski has lost a bet with NATHAN VECCHIO, who runs the oldest established permanent floating crap game in Chicago. Vecchio (needing $1000) had tried to interest Kowalski in a bet over whether Maggie's restaurant sold more donuts or Nanaimo bars on a typical day but, when Kowalski refused to take the sucker bet, Vecchio bet him $1000 he couldn't take a guy of Vecchio's choice to Yellowknife for dinner. Then Vecchio told him the guy was Fraser.

Vecchio has romantic trouble of his own. Showgirl MISS STELLA, his fiancé for the last 14 years, has been pushing him to marry her and is growing increasingly unhappy. She's developed a psychosomatic illness ("A Person Could Develop a Cold"). Also, Vecchio has promised her that he's given up gambling, and he fears that she'll find out he has not.

The next night, Fraser and Kowalski arrive at a restaurant in Yellowknife, where Fraser refuses point blank to drink anything but cocoa. Kowalski orders them cocoa spiked with peppermint schnapps and Fraser, innocent of alcohol, thinks it's a wonderful way to get children to drink their milk. He drinks too much and, a few hours later, finds himself splashing around the Yellowknife Municipal Fountain ("If I Were a Bell"). The two kiss passionately and Fraser tries to convince Kowalski to spend the night in Yellowknife ("People miss planes.") But Kowalski has realized that his attraction for Fraser goes deeper than lust and he insists they go back to Chicago.

As the two lovers walk back to the mission at dawn, holding hands, they declare their love for one another ("The Eyes of a Guy Who's in Love"). Kowalski confesses that it all originated with a bet and, to his surprise, Fraser shrugs it off. Unfortunately, Vecchio, unable to find a location for his crap game, has used the mission that evening, knowing it to be unoccupied. As the gamblers run out, Fraser turns on Kowalski, thinking Kowalski took him to dinner merely to get him out of the way. Local police detectives HUEY and DEWEY arrive and, frustrated that they haven't caught the gamblers, threaten Brother Fraser that they'll be keeping an eye on the mission as a possible front for criminal activity.

Vecchio has no money to rent space for the crap game that night so he sets it up down in the sewers of Chicago. Concerned about Fraser's reputation, Kowalski tells Vecchio that he has failed to take Fraser to Yellowknife. He pays Vecchio the $1000. However, Vecchio loses it to Big FRANKIE ZUKO in from New York -- a scary gangster guy who uses his own dice with no spots on them.

Wanting to help Fraser, Kowalski attempts to convince the gamblers to accompany him to the midnight prayer meeting, but has no success. He decides to roll them for it. If he loses, he'll pay them each $1000. If he wins, they'll come to the prayer meeting. Before rolling, he takes a moment to sing and dance an elaborate production number ("Luck Be My Buddy Tonight").

At the mission, Fraser is trying to explain to General Thatcher why there won't be any sinners at the meeting when, to his surprise, sinners begin filing in and taking their seats. Huey and Dewey arrive and try to convince the General that illegal activity is occurring in the mission, but they have no evidence and are forced to sit down and participate in the prayer meeting. Gambler Denny Scarpa brings her dog, Ante, who sits with Dief. One of the gamblers, HARDING WELSH, is overcome with a desire to repent and undergoes a genuine conversion ("Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat").

After making sure the meeting is a rousing success, Kowalski leaves and Fraser slips out after him. They are presumably reunited off-camera (except in the European version, not available for Region 1 viewing, which contains full frontal nudity and simulated sexual activity.).

In the final scene, a triple wedding is held on top of the Sears Tower -- Fraser and Kowalski, Vecchio and Stella, and Dief and Ante.

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17. Stormy

Courtship of Eddie's Father (Oz)

...along the intent of the original challenge, which, I believe, was to amuse Beth; it’s A Song Vid That Shalt Never Be Made, to the old bouncy, cheerful, wholesome theme song of “Courtship of Eddie’s Father”. (Sound files here for the young ‘uns. )

"Best Friend" by Harry Nilsson
People let me tell you 'bout my best friend,
He's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end.
People let me tell you 'bout my best friend,
He's a one boy cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy.
People let me tell you 'bout him he's so much fun
Whether we're talkin' man to man or whether we're talking son to son.
Cause he's my best friend.
Yes he's my best friend.
(scat finish).

I keep seeing it as a Schillinger/Beecher vid. Oh. My.

Bet that sticks in your head *forever*.

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