Written as a birthday present for Eodrakken (pauraque)

Sonnet I
by Beth H.
(c) August 26, 2005


O Wormtail, how thy little ears do twitch
Whilst thou, behind a door at Spinner's End
O'erhearest for thy Master (what a snitch!)
A vow unbreakable. How came this then?
Yes, "Gryffindor" they named thee, long ago
And that House prizes courage, it is true.
But physical or moral courage? Oh!
The Hat cannot distinguish 'twixt the two
When Padfoot thou encounter'd long before
Thou sacrificed thy finger readily
And when thy Lord had need of even more
Thou offer'd up thy hand most willingly
Which brings thee to this point, here, at the last:
Spread-eagled, offering "the Prince" thine arse!

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