written as an LJ birthday greeting for GMTH.

Untitled Snape/Lucius
by Beth H.
(c) June 22, 2005

Severus entered his sitting room and took in the gloomy countenance of the pale, silver-eyed wizard who was currently slumped in a chair in the corner.

"Oh for God's sake," he said, exasperation plain in his voice. "Are you sulking again? I would have thought that my efforts in getting you released you from Azkaban would have resulted in something besides being burdened with the presence of someone so sour that even . . . "

"Look who's talking about sour," Lucius muttered.

Severus glared at his old compatriot. "If you are quite done casting aspersions on my personality, perhaps you'd be so good as to tell me why you're behaving in so petulant a manner."

"She refuses to write a story about me, even though it's GMTH's birthday."

"She meaning Beth, I assume?"

"Who else?" Lucius spat venomously. "She had no problem writing some inane drivel yesterday about those T.V. show Mudbloods, but she can't be bothered to do me the simple courtesy of . . . "

"She never writes about you, Lucius."

"IT'S NOT FAIR!" Lucius shrieked so loudly that Severus's fingers itched to pull out his wand and do exactly what he had begged Albus to keep the Ministry from doing.

"You can't hold grudges forever, you know."

Lucius stared at Severus, open mouthed. "Who the hell are you, and what have you done with . . . "

"Oh shut it!" Severus snapped.

"Why should I?

"Because if you do, I shall take you into the bedroom and allow you to blow me, regardless of whether Beth approves or not."

"Ah," said Lucius. "Okay."

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