just a little PG-rated, 372 word Snupin that I wrote as commentfic for lore.

Only Human
by Beth H
(c) September 2006


"Stop that," Severus snarled, "or I promise I will cast a permanent binding spell on you."

One last rebellious scratch, and Remus pulled his hands away from the red, bumpy skin on his chest, but he glared at the other man. "It itches, dammit!"

"Yes, so you have said repeatedly over the past three days."

"You're supposed to be a Potions expert...do something!"

Severus raised one eye. "Need I remind you that Potions are very rarely efficacious where Muggle illnesses are concerned?"

"Yes, yes...I know," Remus said, rubbing his shoulder up against the back of the sofa. "Chicken pox, of all bloody stupid things."

"You were the one who insisted on attending Potter's infectious brat's birthday festivities."

"Be fair, Severus," said Remus. "Nobody knew Lillian was contagious."

"You're scratching again," Severus said blandly.

"Oh, shut up!" Remus gritted between clenched teeth. "Bloody unfair, to get this on top of everything else. And you're enjoying it! You're...."

"Unfair? You haven't caught so much as a cold in all the years I've known you."

"That's because I'm a werewolf, in case you'd forgotten."

Severus snorted. "That's rather unlikely."

"You know what I mean," Remus said, exasperation clear in his voice. "It's almost impossible for werewolves to contract regular illnesses."

"Yes, I know," Severus said, pulling a vial from the pocket of his robes and shaking it. "However, you're only human, and...."



"Did you just say I was human?"

Severus scowled, then looked away. "If I did, it was a mistake."

Remus's face wore a look of triumph. "Admit it! Admit you said I was human."

"I admit nothing, and if you don't stop talking, I won't give you this anti-itch potion."

"I thought you said potions didn't work with Muggle conditions."

"I said 'rarely,'" Severus muttered. "Now take your shirt off and lie down on the bed."

Remus smiled. "Very smooth seduction technique you have there."

"Idiot," Severus sniffed. "I need your shirt off in order to apply the potion to your skin."

"Right," Remus said, still smiling,

"I'll concern myself with seducing you after you're no longer covered with these bumps."

"I'm looking forward to it," Remus said, lying face down on the bed.

"As am I," said Severus quietly.

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