Written between Tiranog and Kai's birthdays: a non-existent missing scene from Tiranog's "A Nick in Time" - with additional apologies to Kai's "A Necessary Evil" (and yes, you probably do have to have read both of these stories for this to make any sense).

Another Nick in Time
by Beth H.
(c) September 28, 2004

Ron Weasley glared at the little dark-haired boy curled up fast asleep on the sofa and spat on the floor, then turned back to his wife.

"Absolutely not, Hermione."

"Ron . . . "

"No. You got your way last time, but I'm not letting you turn our home into a haven for . . . for monsters."

"But you love Severus now, don't you?"

Ron huffed in exasperation. "Of course I do, but this isn't the same thing!"

"How's it different, Ron? He's just a little boy . . . well, so far, anyway. Sibyll read his aura and she's absolutely certain that he's here because Albus . . . because his father wanted him to be here, just like he wanted Harry and Severus to be with us."

Ron snorted. "Since when do you listen to what Trelawney says?"

"Since she started to agree with me." Hermione laid her arm on her husband's shoulder.. "Just look at him. He's . . . oh, Ron, he has nowhere else to go."

Ron watched silently as the little boy rolled over in his sleep.

"This is going to be the House-Elves, all over again, isn't it?" he muttered.


"There's no way I'm going to win. Might as well just give in right now."

"You're a good man, Ron Weasley."

"I'm an idiot."

Hermione smiled. "I'm going to go into the boys' room now and transfigure a bed for little Tom."

Ron shrugged, then lifted the sleeping boy up off the sofa. He looked down at the child he held in his arms and sighed. "I suppose you are kind of cute, aren't you, Tommy? Just . . . just don't grow up to be a Dark Lord, okay? It'd upset your mum."

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